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Opening Hours
From 6:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the morning

As long as you stay, 1 meal ¥ 648 (Consumption tax included)
Guests who are not staying are served with 1 meal \ 864 (consumption tax included).

Please feel free to ask the front desk.
  • Restaurant "Sora"

    "Eat in the morning and leave!"
    Firmly support the vitality of the day with a gentle breakfast!
    Limited menu for the month, miso soup daily,
    Egg dishes will be cooked to your liking.
  • Egg dish

    We will offer your favorite egg dish.
    Fried egg·Omelet·Omelette·scramble… Of course the raw egg is OK!
  • January breakfast menu

    ☆January breakfast menu☆

    【January 1, 2, 3 days only】New Year dish, Steamed shrimp, rolled omelet, Red & White Kamaboko, Black bean, Fuki
    【Limited to Sundays】Beef ribs on rice
    【Daily miso soup】Spinach and fried miso soup · Soup
    【Classic】Wiener·Meat dumplings
    【fish】Sanma's Fly Shake
    【Main dish】Spring rolls · grilled chicken · broccoli and bacon stir-fry
    【side dish】Chikuzenni·Kibo burdock·Stir-fry of rape blossoms
    "Small bowl"·Pickles
    【Special menu】Iwaki plum shoji noodles
    【Wednesday·Friday】Curry day!

    ※The above menu is changed daily.