Hotel Sunshine Iwaki is a 1-minute walk from Iwaki Station
You can stay at the cheapest reservation from the telephone, please feel free to call.

【Official】Hotel Sunshine Iwaki


  • March breakfast menu

    【March 3rd limited】chirashi sushi
    【Limited to Sundays】Mabo tofu
    【Daily miso soup】Miso soup with clams · Miso soup with seaweed and tofu
    【Classic】Wiener·Meat dumplings
    【fish】Salt mackerel shake
    【Main dish】Fried chicken·Vegetable croquette·Asparagus meat roll
    【side dish】Stir-fried bean and ham sauce · Daikon radish · Fuji and fried tofu and simmered chicken
    "Small bowl"·Pickles
    【Special menu】Iwaki plum shoji noodles (Warm soup)
    【Wednesday·Friday】Curry day!

    It is earlier than anywhere, it is open from 6: 00 am to 9: 00 am.
    ※It is a Japanese buffet.


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Hotel Name

Hotel Sunshine Iwaki


Fukushima-ken Iwaki shi, Hirakata Shiraku-cho 8-8

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1 minute on foot from JR Joban Line Iwaki Station
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