Hotel Sunshine Iwaki is a 1-minute walk from Iwaki Station
You can stay at the cheapest reservation from the telephone, please feel free to call.

【Official】Hotel Sunshine Iwaki


  • Breakfast menu in February

    【Limited to Sundays】Twice cooked pork
    【Daily miso soup】Pork juice with enoki and tofu
    【Classic】Wiener·Meat dumplings
    【fish】Salt mackerel shake
    【Main dish】Ham cutlets·Shrimp Shumai·Fried vegetables
    【side dish】Simmered bamboo shoots·Stir-fried cauliflower·simmered hijiki
    "Small bowl"·Pickles
    【Special menu】Iwaki plum shoji noodles
    【Wednesday·Friday】Curry day!

    It is earlier than anywhere, it is open from 6: 00 am to 9: 00 am.
    ※It is a Japanese buffet.

Hotel Facilities

  • front desk/lobby

    ◆Check In, From 15:00, Check Out, 10: 00
    (The extension is 540 yen for 30 minutes, it is until noon. )

    The calm BGM flows in the lobby and you can relax comfortably.
    Manga book for rent, drinks you can enjoy freely
    There is a corner.
  • Breakfast venue

    Take a tasty breakfast while taking the sunrise.
  • Laundry corner

    There is also a free washing machine at the end of the entrance on the first floor.
    (Laundry detergent is sold at the front desk)
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Hotel Name

Hotel Sunshine Iwaki


Fukushima-ken Iwaki shi, Hirakata Shiraku-cho 8-8

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1 minute on foot from JR Joban Line Iwaki Station
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